(Last Updated On: January 7, 2021)

A Milan-based appeals court had ordered Facebook to pay 3.83 million euros (or $4.70 million) as compensation for an Italian software startup which has an app that they had supposedly copied features from.

The Italian court had validated a 2019 ruling which had been which had previously asked Facebook to pay 0.35 million euros in terms of damages to the Italy-based Business Competence as it had copied the ‘Nearby’ feature from its app, which is called ‘Faround’ and helps users to find their friends who are in the area. Although, in that time, the appeals court had said that the amount for the damages would be set at 3.83 million euros.

An older report that had been found said that the Faround app that had been released by Business Competence in 2012 and had ended up being popular but had also had a lot rivalry with Facebook when it had released the Nearby feature. A lawsuit had been filed after that against Facebook after a court had made the ruling that the feature by Nearby would end up being discontinued in Italy.

In Italy, Facebook had suspended the location-sharing feature once it was ruled that it had broken competition and copyrights laws. It was alleged by the company that Faround and Facebook’s Nearby feature were very similar to one another.

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