(Last Updated On: March 20, 2020)

Alibaba Cloud is currently offering its AI-powered technologies to medical professionals as a means of helping to give data insights on the coronavirus while at the same time also quickening up the diagnosis.

The cloud computing side of the Chinese company wants to be able to support medical professionals all over the world to be able to combat the virus by giving them a range of applications that were created by its cloud experts, researchers from its subsidiary DAMO Academy and engineers from its communications platform DingTalk. Alibaba said this move came after more information on the outbreak had spread. 

More than 129 million Chinese students had used DingTalk to be able to attend live-streamed online classes, while they had also released DingTalk’s International Medical Expert Communication Platform on Alibaba Cloud which offers free communication for medical workers around the world.

Using video conferencing and real-time AI translation into 11 languages, Alibaba Cloud is also additionally attempting to develop a virtual community where doctors from China will be able to talk about their experiences and answer questions from any peers around the world.

DAMO Academy, Alibaba’s research also showed that it would be put out three applications for medical professionals and researchers as a free trial.

CT Image Analytics Solution, by the company, will be able to aid in enhancing testing accuracy and the speed in detection when diagnosing COVID-19. As they push out deep-learning algorithms trained on data from China, the AI model can forecast the prospect of different pneumonia types. The system will also be able to compute the proportion of lesions and affected volume ratio to the entire lungs by making use of lung segmentation methods.

DAMO Academy’s Epidemic Prediction Solution will be capable of mapping epidemic characteristics of the coronavirus in a certain region by coming up with estimates of size, peak time and the duration of the epidemic. It will also be able to look into how fast the coronavirus will spread under three conditions: optimistic, neutral and pessimistic.

The firm’s Genome Sequencing for Coronavirus  Diagnosis Solution gives additional analytics on the coronavirus as well as viral genetic data screening, protein structure analysis and diagnostic reporting. It will also be able to diagnose new cases of the virus within 14 hours.

Alibaba is doing its part to help curb the virus by sharing its experience and knowledge with professionals in the medical field, around the world.

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