(Last Updated On: March 23, 2020)

As the worldwide cases of Coronavirus have reached over 260,000 and it affects everybody’s everyday life and the economy, many companies and organizations have made the decision to lessen its impact by working from home, social-distancing and investing in COVID-19 testing.

Amazon announced that it will be investing $20 million to build quicker COVID-19 testing. Amazon said, “One area where we have heard an urgent need is in the research and development of diagnostics, which consist of rapid, accurate detection and testing of COVID-19. Better diagnostics will help accelerate treatment and containment, and in time, shorten the course of this epidemic.” 

Initially, the program was called AWS Diagnostic Development Initiative. The program contains 35 global research institutions, startups and businesses which are AWS customers. This program also forecasted additional diseases. “Given the need, the emphasis will initially be on COVID-19, but we will also consider other infectious disease diagnostic projects,” Amazon said.

The quicker tests can result can be obtained of the COVID-19, more people will be able to quickly get tested in a shorter amount of time and help relatives of people who have tested positive for the tests. As people that test positive for the coronavirus can spread it to people they are in contact with, such as their relatives. In this case, speed and accuracy are very important for the tests to be held.  “Accurate detection is the tip of the spear for effective pandemic response strategy,” Amazon added in their announcement.

There is hope for this investment to uplift all the works of the research institutions, startups and businesses in a small amount of time, in order to make a large impact in the coming few days.

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