(Last Updated On: December 2, 2020)

AWS announced at the re: Invent conference that there will be five new capabilities for Amazon Connect, which is the call centre platform of the company. 

The new solutions will be using AWS machine learning tools in order to help customer service reps offer a better, quicker, more customizable and productive customer experience.

The new capabilities will offer contact centre agents accessibility to the correct details when it is required, while will make customers follow a lot more simply, and allow managers to better deal with customer interactions during calls. No technical experience will be required either. 

The first five releases are the Amazon Connect Wisdom, that manages data from a variety of sources to make sure agents have access to all information they require in order to aid customers as soon as possible. Amazon Connect Customer Profiles, at the same time, will offer agents a more unified view of all customers, and the Real-Time Contact Lens offers analyses of call transcripts in order to provide agents with the best feedback. 

The next solution is the Amazon Connect Tasks, that automates, tracks, and organizes tasks for contact centre agents, and Amazon Connect Voice ID, which uses machine learning-powered voice analysis in order to provide real-time caller authentication.

Amazon Connect was released in 2017 and has been hired by thousands of firms, such as the New York Times, GE Appliances, and Square. Many new features have been added since then. 

“Amazon Connect is the most flexible, scalable, cost-effective, and inventive call centre service, in part because it was built from the ground up on the cloud with machine learning deeply embedded to automatically manage features like Interactive Voice Response, chatbots, call analytics, and sentiment analysis,” General Manager of Amazon Connect at Amazon Web Services, Pasquale DeMaio said.

“Today’s five new Connect features build on this foundation to make it even easier for customer service agents to have the information they need to provide faster and more holistic customer experiences, optimize agents’ time based on what matters most, and enable customer service managers to take action in real-time to avoid contacts that will do harm to their brand.”

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