(Last Updated On: October 22, 2020)

Amazon has gathered a large amount of IPv4 addresses, for an unknown reason.

The company has bought so many more over time, which have yet to circulate. In 2017, they bought 8 million IPv4 addresses from MIT, another 16 million from GE and from AMPRNet, 4 million in 2019, Andre Toonk, an internet infrastructure enthusiast said.

He also found that Amazon had an excess of 100 million unique IPv4 addresses. There is no exact amount of IP address purchased by Amazon to be found. A rough estimate by Toonk based on $25 per IP address shows that the internet giant has 100,750,168 IPv4 addresses, which they would have paid over $2.5 billion for.

Although that might seem like an unnecessary amount, AWS will be putting these to use. Internal directory of the company shows that about 53 million addresses have been assigned which means 47 million are left approximately. 

Regardless of reports stating that IPv4 is dying, a lot of websites still use it. 

Other networks have started using IPv6, so Amazon’s gathering of IPv4 might come in handy.

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