(Last Updated On: May 18, 2021)

Amazon is in the process of talking about taking over the MGM (Metro Goldwyn Mayer), the film company. If these talks work out, the company will end up being the owner of a large group of films dating back multiple decades along with a variety of production and distribution companies, and Epix. Supposedly, $9 billion has been put up for MGM. 

According to Variety, MGM is hoping to receive $9 billion, while $7 billion to $10 billion is being contemplated for the possible deal.

Since December last year, MGM has been up for sale, provided the “jealousy that comes with the sudden impending existence of a new media giant” as AT&T groups WarnerMedia with Discovery, The Verge said, “it wouldn’t be very surprising if Amazon and MGM made a deal”.

Although, it is possible that the deal might fall through.

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