(Last Updated On: August 24, 2019)

Amazon is expanding its line of devices from your home to your car too. It is looking to make your car smarter without buying a new infotainment system or a new car. Automaker companies such as BMW and Audi, began selling select models that integrate Alexa’s software by default, earlier this year. But this market already consists of Apple Inc. and Google.

Although, at the moment Amazon won’t generate much revenue, remaining consistant will help Amazon contain a position in the era of voice-based services. The device installed in the car is called Echo Auto. The device connects through your phone via Bluetooth and works as voice command which will include requests such as music and navigation.

The Echo Auto consists of eight microphones which means it can listen to your commands regardless of wind, road noise or even music. Passengers of the car will easily be able to give commands to Alexa as well.

Apple and Google have CarPlay Solution and Android Auto respectively. Although, both platforms need and IPhone or Android to be able and have an in car infotainment systems to run these programs. Echo Auto doesn’t even need to be plugged into any sort of basic system which makes it that much more versatile and desirable.

Echo Auto at present is invite-only and starts at $24.99 and by next-year should cost about $49.99 although, it is not known when Echo Auto will be launched in India.

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