(Last Updated On: March 31, 2021)

Amazon Web Services (AWS) has released “Space Accelerator”, which is a four-week business support programme in order to help build up space startups.

The programme is open to space startups looking to use AWS in order to help answer the largest issues in the space industry.

According to AWS, the application has been open for some time and it will finish by the 21st of April.

It also offers technical, business, and mentoring resources in order to space startups all over the world.

AWS is providing this in association with Seraphim, which is an investment group that is aimed especially at the space industry, who offers business development and investment guidance.

AWS and Seraphim will choose a unit of space startups to engage in a rigorous, four-week programme with AWS Cloud and technical training to help them quickly research, develop and rise up via AWS.

“Startups provide a catalyst for bold new experimentation in the space industry,” Director of Aerospace and Satellite at AWS, Clint Crosier, said.

“We are proud to announce the AWS Space Accelerator as part of our ongoing commitment to help startups succeed and to shape the future of aerospace. We look forward to helping the first cohort of companies launch and grow through this new programme.”

Both the companies are receiving applications from innovative startups that are at any stage of maturity working with space technology or space-derived data who have a comprehensively defined and unique mission.

Missions that are eligible include, earth observation, electronics and robotics, spacecraft launch and delivery, spacecraft hardware and software, launch manufacturing and launch operation, and so much more, according to AWS.

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