(Last Updated On: December 1, 2020)

Chrome users must be capable of using their browser without going through problems with the antivirus tools included in Windows 10 due to new updates from Google.

Some features on Chrome have not been able to perform when Windows 10 antivirus has been set to scan local storage.

“Antivirus programs and other scanners may briefly lock new files, which can lead to frequent problems with saving bookmarks and other files that use the ImportantFileWriter,” a Google software developer, Bruce Dawson said. 

In order to talk about the issues, an impending edition of Chrome on Windows will be configured to “retry the racy ReplaceFile step a few times”. The feature will be on Windows, as the issues are thought to not affect other operating systems. 

Chrome dominates the market but has gone through many problems recently, along with the Windows 10 antivirus quirk.

Five zero-day security patches have been released for Chrome ever since October.

The new M1-native version of the browser which has been made for Apple’s various Macs- has had a number of problems and has even crashed some devices.

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