(Last Updated On: January 4, 2021)

Apple has let Amphetamine, an app that stops Macs from going into sleep mode, to continue to be on its App Store after it told the developer that the app had been breaking the rules of its policies.

Willian C Gustafson, Amphetamine’s developer had been told by Apple that he had to change the name and logo of the app.

Gustafson said in the comment section on Reddit and Github that Apple had told him that he had a timeline of two weeks to “remove all references to the word ‘amphetamine’ and remove the pill from the icon.” The logo includes a cartoon version of a pill.

Apple also told him that if he did not remove this, it would get taken out from the App Store by the 12th of January.

Although now, Apple has undone its decision and has kept on the app in its same form.

In a tweet, Gustafson said, “Just got off a call with @Apple. Appeal accepted and Amphetamine will remain on the @AppStore.”

“Thank you all for your comments, opinions, and action. We may not all agree, but I am happy we all still have the freedom to express ourselves today,” Gustafson added.

This app has been in the Apple Store for the past six years, has also been downloaded by users over 432,000 times. It also has a 4.8 rating and is free to access.

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