(Last Updated On: August 5, 2020)

Apple reportedly does not wish to have any stakes in the TikTok app nor does it have any interest in it.

Axios report had made the claim that the company had some interest in making a deal with the ByteDance-owned app. 

Reports say, “Multiple sources tell me that Apple has expressed interest, albeit no sources inside of Apple, and that at least one other strategy has expressed interest.”

Dan Primack, Axios business editor tweeted that Apple had denied all allegations regarding this.

Primack tweeted, “State of play: Apple spokesperson tells Axios that there are no discussions about buying TikTok and the company isn’t interested.”

When TikTok was known as Musical.ly, Facebook had shown interest in acquiring the app. Now, after President Trump has threatened to ban the Chinese app in America, Microsoft expressed its interest in taking over the popular video-sharing company.

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