(Last Updated On: February 10, 2021)

Apple has won a ruling that stops the use of consumer lawsuit claiming that its voice-activated software records conversations without the knowledge of the user.

But Siri’s pardon might be momentary because of US District Jeffrey White in Oakland, California, has provided consumers with authorization to revisit and refile the suit.

Other such complaints have come out about Amazon.com’s Alexa and Google Assistant from consumers. A usual complaint is that these devices are listening in on users, regardless of if they choose a pre-set voice command, in order to engage them, which means private moments also get recorded.

The California ruling will follow a separate judge’s May 6 dismissal regarding most claims in a lawsuit against Google as not enough information was given regarding the supposed recordings.

The lawsuit came after the news reported in 2019 that Apple had been intercepting and revealing private conversations regardless of the user’s knowledge.

The company has supposedly also broken many other state and federal statutes, as well as a US wiretapping law which outlaws intentional interceptions of communications. White did not rule, based on the credits of the case. Plaintiffs had not provided enough facts to support their claims, according to him.

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