Apple’s iPhone 12 might see some delays in release as production constrains arise due to the coronavirus

(Last Updated On: March 26, 2020)

The production line has been constraining supply throughout a large number of consumer electronics, due to the economic slowdown which has occurred to moderate the spread of the coronavirus. What was predicted of the consumer market at the start of the year, will be very different from the outcome we will see in September. 

The production process of the iPhone 12 has been affected by this. Apple’s staff is not able to travel to China to work on designs, tests run and due to this, there will be delays in extensive testing of the alpha units’ hardware and software.

Apple has for many years, regularly launched their iPhone’s around the second week of September or at least by the end of the month. This might not be the case this time.

Although, the iPhone XR had not been on sale until the end of October during its launch year, while the iPhone X did not come out till November. The delays in releasing the iPhone 12 will at best move the release window far into Q4. Taking into consideration that the iPhone 12 does get released on schedule.

It is predicted that a recession will take place in September, where the spending power of consumers will decline, and cravings for luxury items will suppress or not be as high as they seemed to be in previous years. The iPhone 12 is said to be the most progressive iPhone in recent years as it contains 5G connectivity, new camera technology, as well as a notch-less screen. So the release of the new iPhone can be expected to be much awaited.

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