(Last Updated On: June 25, 2020)

Amazon is attracting customers that aren’t tech very savvy to use its cloud. Amazon Web Services had released Amazon Honeycode, which allows businesses to build web and mobile applications without descending into computer programming languages. Tech companies have recently put money into low-code or no-code to make it easier for customers which would allow employees the ability to use software tools without taking up the time of expensive and in-demand engineers.

Microsoft and Googe, AWS’s competitors, both have similar services of selling rented processing power and software services. In the LinkedIn profiles of different Amazon engineers, Honeycode dubbed “AWS for Everyone”.

The many uses of Honeycode include process approvals, event scheduling and inventory tracking. This service will be accessible to customers of Amazon’s US West (Oregon) data centre region and will be more widely available soon.

Slack Technologies Inc. is also one of the customers to use Honeycode, according to Amazon. AWS and Slack both announced that they will be using more of each other’s tools going forward.

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