(Last Updated On: October 4, 2019)

Wang Lu, Baidu’s Vice President who was in charge of public and government relations, has left the job and has become one among many who have departed from the Chinese internet company.

This string of departures started in early 2019. Wang has been a part of Baidu since 2016 and has been a decision-maker in the company, also known as “E-staff”. His last day at the job was on Monday before China celebrated the establishment of the People’s Republic of China with a week-long public holiday on October 1st.

One of the long lines of resignations includes Xiang Hailong, the previous senior vice president who was a close lieutenant of the company founder and CEO, Robin Le Yanhong. The company said, Xiang had resigned from Baidu after 14 years, due to personal reasons.

The vice president has been absent from making any decisions or duties for the past year but had only decided to quit two to three months ago. Yuan Foyu, the former marketing general manager of NetEase, the Chinese internet company, was the one all the position was handed over to, as she joined Baidu in July 2018.

The market saw signs of Wang’s resignation when Nasdaq – listed video streaming platform, iQiyi, where Baidu has a 58% stake, had announced on September 27th that Shen Dou, vice president of Baidu, was replacing Wang as a board director.

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