(Last Updated On: September 22, 2020)

Chainkit, the security software-as-a-service vendor has brought on DNA Connect as its Australian distributor.

The platform will let Splunk transform logs into undoubted trails for invisible tamper-detection, proof and compliance.

Munsoor Khan, DNA Connect’s executive director said that Chainkit is the first to market along with the capabilities to find invisible attacks hiding within the networks of victims.

“Chainkit detects anti-forensic, counter-incident response and other recently discovered stealthy techniques, within minutes not months, avoiding catastrophic damage,” Khan said.

“Chainkit allows our Splunk partners to convert data from any source into objectively provable audit trails, providing invisible tamper-detection, attestation and regulatory compliance, with real-time risk management.”

“Incident responders and law enforcement organisations can also complement their physical chains of custody with as many digital ones as necessary. This lets them collect more legally-admissible evidence, faster, while avoiding unnecessary on-site visits during the COVID-19 era.”

Chainkit also offers an app store user experience and allows organisations to make their first digital Chain-of-Custody within a few minutes.

Jesse Locke, Chainkit ANZ director of strategy and go-to-market said, “DNA’s unique ability to drive demand and provide a suite of programs to support partners in monetizing this demand is impressive and supports our accelerated growth”.

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