(Last Updated On: July 27, 2020)

During the June quarter as Chinese operators, one-third of China’s total smartphone sales were 5G devices, as well as original equipment manufacturers (OEMs), actively pushed 5G smartphones by making the prices low which includes appealing 5G plans. China’s overall smartphone sales have lessened 17% year-over-year in Q2 2020. 

Although Counterpoint Research says that, the sales have risen 9% quarter on quarter showing an indication of improvement. The coronavirus has for the most part been contained in China but sales of demand have not yet retrieved to the levels of it prior to COVID-19. 

“Despite a slowdown in the smartphone market in China, Chinese OEMs have picked up the pace in 5G developments that were hampered by COVID-19 disruptions in Q1 2020,” In a statement, Ethan Qi, Senior Analyst, Counterpoint said. In Q2, 33 per cent of smartphones sold were 5G enabled compared to just 16 per cent in Q1. “The proportion was even higher in June, where more than 40 per cent of smartphones sold were 5G capable,” he added. 

The country’s 5G smartphone market is very much integrated with HOVX (Huawei, OPPO, Vivo and Xiaomi) seizing 96% of the market. Huawei took over 5G smartphone sales, which amounts for 60% of the market. The high-end 5G smartphones are mainly from Huawei, while Oppo, Xiaomi, and Vivo have separate offerings in the mid-tier. 

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