Cisco releases IoT security architecture for industrial IoT

(Last Updated On: January 28, 2020)

Cisco is trying to build up their IoT security by introducing a security architecture for industrial IoT.

It was launched in Barcelona this week at Cisco Live EMEA, and the new IoT security architecture will be able to enhance visibility across IT and operational technology (OT) environments, Cisco’s director of global IoT, Joe Malenfant said.

“First, you have to connect things, then, you have to secure them to be able to get that data. We’re taking something that’s designed for security and made it relevant to the operations team,” Malenfant said. 

The IoT architecture by Cisco offers enterprises a better grasp into their complete IoT environments, which includes their networking and industrial assets in the field or even at the edge of the network. This new architecture is run by Cisco Talos, the company’s security intelligence and research group, which offers real-time cybersecurity monitoring as well as anomaly detection. 

It also includes Cisco’s industrial IoT network security product named Cyber Vision and Edge Intelligence data extraction tool. Cyber Vision is a software-based security solution used for the automated discovery of industrial assets and depends on technology from Sentroyo, which is an IoT security startup that Cisco took over in 2019. Cyber Vision by Cisco will be able to look into traffic that comes from connected assets, it will be able to create segmentation policies in Cisco ISE and DNA Center to stop threats from going about inside operational environments. 

Cisco Edge Intelligence is also joined into the architecture, which is a new edge computing offering that is able to make data extraction a lot simpler at the edge of the network, Cisco said.

The main aim of the IoT security architecture is to be able to remove complications that come with a multi-vendor infrastructure and be able to make IoT cybersecurity simpler and easier to manage on any of Cisco’s gateways, switches, or routers. 

Malenfant said, “It’s really a holistic IoT security architecture with Cyber Vision at the centre of it all and integrated with our robust portfolio on the IT side. Digitization is letting companies take what they are doing on the OT side and connect it with the IT side because that network is getting more robust and smarter.”

Cisco Cyber Vision will offer partners the ability to give their customers a new value-added service, like security assessments for operational environments, Malenfant said. “There’s a huge opportunity for partners in building services around Cyber Vision to integrate IT and OT and make the network even more relevant for their clients,” he added.

Cisco Edge Intelligence can also be used in order to help customers extract data and “once they secure the data, [partners] can help customers build data flows,” Malenfant said.

Cisco has come out with an expanded product line last January that had extended the company’s networking capabilities to the IoT edge and had launched a new set of resources for partners, which also included an IoT partner program. 

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