(Last Updated On: November 4, 2019)

Recently, Microsoft Azure customers have reported about difficulties they have had as they hit virtual machine (VM) limits in Microsoft’s cloud in the Eastern regions of the US which has brought up concerns about the possibility that the capacity of the company’s cloud services could have reached its limits or at least come close to it. 

Users that were affected by this have said that there aren’t enough of the servers types that are necessary to spin up certain types of VMs in the East US2 region. 

Although, cloud vendors do tend to set a limit on the types of services they provide their customers with. This could be the case as well.

Virtual Machine Reserved Instances could be employed as suggested by Microsoft so that there is access to VMs at a point where they will need to scale up. But there is still concern about the current scarcity of Azure VMs by customers.

One customer online was told by their accounts manager that it would take months to get escalation on the issue. 

For now, it is not publicly known if Azure has reached its limits in other regions of the US as well. 

Waldo Jaquith had raised concerns on twitter about how this shortage could affect Microsoft’s $10 billion JEDI contract. He said, “It’s a lucky thing for us all that DOD is nowhere near ready to actually use the cloud for nearly anything because otherwise, this would be a disaster. At least this way Azure will have time to ramp up capacity and Northrop et al can learn to use Azure.”

But for Microsoft thankfully, there are separate government clouds as well as US DOD East region which is meant to help the Pentagon for all their specific needs. 

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