(Last Updated On: January 13, 2021)

Details regarding Microsoft Teams soon to come advanced search functionality has now been revealed. The Microsoft 365 roadmap has shown details relating to an update called “Top Hits” which will quicken up the search process by a lot.

“Top Hits introduces a new section at the top of the autosuggest suggestions were the most relevant results, across domains, for a given query are represented. This feature is envisioned to reduce the time taken for a successful search, as well as benefit the user through better task completion, especially for result types situated lower in the suggestions well,” the Microsoft 365 roadmap said.

At the moment, the new feature is in its development phase and is prepped to come out in March.

How the Top Hits will work is by showing the most relevant results first within the auto-suggested results. This might be very useful for Teams users if they had filed with some similarity in names and would usually have to go through it even after they had typed in relating search words.

“Top Hits” is just one of the newest features in Microsoft Teams. Search enhancements are one of Microsoft Teams’ main focus for some time now, especially during the pandemic and in the near future.

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