(Last Updated On: May 28, 2020)

Even though Docker had sold its enterprise division to Mirantis last year, that was not the end of the company. Docker continues to exist and has reset its focus as a cloud-native developer tools vendor. 

Now an expanded partnership has been announced with Microsoft around simplifying running Docker containers in Azure.

This partnership will include a tighter combination between Docker and a few Azure developer tools as well as Visual Studio Code and Azure Container Instances (ACI). Docker says that it is possible for developers to take hours and sometimes even days to make up its containerized environment throughout the two sets of tools. 

The integration is supposed to make it a lot simpler, quicker and more efficient to include Docker containers when creating applications with the Microsoft toolset. Scott Johnston, Docker’s CEO said that it would give developers a better experience.

“Extending our strategic relationship with Microsoft will further reduce the complexity of the building, sharing and running cloud-native, microservices-based applications for developers. Docker and VS Code are two of the most beloved developer tools and we are proud to bring them together to deliver a better experience for developers building container-based apps for Azure Container Instances,” Johnston said in a statement.

Some of the features will be the capability to log into Azure straight from the Docker command-line interface, a big simplification that lessens going back and forth between the two sets of tools. Developers will be able to structure a Microsoft ACI environment along with a set of configuration defaults. Switching between its local desktop instance and the cloud to run applications is also something developers can do.

These integrations are now starting at its Beta phase, but the company does assure that it will be released by the second half of this year.

Image by: Will Buckner, Docker HQ

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