(Last Updated On: September 24, 2020)

Dropbox has released a new tool which is focused at users that keep large media files on its servers. The Creative Tools Add-On helps better matters for those who wish to send, download, or work together on huge files in the cloud.

A main feature of the new tool is the additional download quality options. “Waiting for those enormous files to download can slow the creative process to a crawl or bring it to a halt,” Dropbox said. 

The tool will allow users to transform big files into a more practical size without having to leave the cloud. For example, huge 4K videos will be converted into a lower resolution to be downloaded quickly and supply editors in another country with feedback.

Dropbox said that previewing huge files is another feature that will be considerably upgraded, along with the new updates which now allows for stream files of up to 150GB in size directly from within the platform. Without the need to download any data to their local devices, users will be able to take videos with various languages or audio tracks and switch between the audio components.

Storing a huge media library in the cloud will need time-consuming organization as, once a file has been uploaded, it will usually only need a small number of parameters in order to look for it. In order to address this, Dropbox is allowing metadata searches so that users will be able to quickly find a media file with the need of knowing its name.

Creative Tools Add-On pack also included frame-accurate commenting for videos. Which means that users will now be able to talk about specific frames of footage which is gathered on Dropbox and will also be able to tag one another with progress updates, without the need for exact video time codes.

These new changes will help users share and receive feedback on projects, according to Dropbox.

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