Ericsson has set in motion AI-powered Energy Infrastructure Operations, a new energy management solution

(Last Updated On: February 19, 2020)

Ericsson has set in motion AI-powered Energy Infrastructure Operations, an energy management solution that makes use of AI and advanced data analytics to advance network infrastructure for communications service providers. 

Combined into the Ericsson Operations Engine – AI-based, data-driven approach to managed services – the new solution allows service providers to lessen OPEX and CO2 emissions from their networks while maximizing site availability. 

Energy Infrastructure Operations will be using cutting-edge technology to make energy efficiencies on the radio network, where a majority of savings can be obtained. The new solution will be looking into site-related energy savings, as well as operational efficiencies to allow fewer site visits to take place, which will end in CO2 emission lessening through a lot of layers.

What can be attained when AI-powered Energy Infrastructure Operations is deployed is: 15% decrease in energy-related OPEX, 15% reduction in site visits related to passive infrastructure and 30% reduction of energy-related outages.

Trials have been run with customers in Europe, Asia, Europe Middle East and Latin America, on the Energy Infrastructure Operations solution.

Right now, there is a range between 20-40% of energy consumption of a site operation OPEX annually.

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