(Last Updated On: July 29, 2020)

In its court battle against excessive demands from the EU antitrust regulators, Facebook won the first round of its court battle. 

The social networking giant is currently being investigated by the European Commission for its stockpile of data and online marketplace, which might end up in large fines and force the business to alter its business practices.

At the Luxembourg-based General Court on July 15th, Facebook had sued the EU competition enforcer for looking into information that went past what was needed, as well as very personal details. It has also requested interim measures in order to put a stop to a May 4th Information request. If it fails to follow through with it, this could expose it to an everyday penalty payment of 8 million euros ($9.4 million).

The EU request has been suspended by the Court in a judgment dated July 24th while it waited for the Commission’s comment and ruling regarding Facebook’s application for interim relief. It believes that this type of move will “prevent a situation whereby the contested material is disclosed in violation of the fundamental right to privacy of the applicant’s management and employees, depriving any effect any order for interim measures that may eventually be granted”.

The EU regulators are thoroughly looking into documents for 2,500 terms which can be found in employees health information or even their job applications.

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