(Last Updated On: September 14, 2020)

Facebook India announced its new director of global business group, Arun Srinivas. His role will entail leading a strategy and delivery of Indian marketing solutions that are aimed at advertisers and agencies. 

Srinivas previously worked at Ola, the cab-hailing service provider where he held the position of the chief operating officer (COO), as well as the chief marketing officer (CMO) at Ola Mobility.

His new position at Facebook will be heading the company’s strategic relationship with brands, agencies, and partners in order to push the social media giant’s revenue growth in India’s ket channel’s as well as collaborating with media and creative ecosystems in order to fast track the takeover of digital tools by businesses. The main business vertical teams, agency teams, and business solutions teams in the company will be reporting back to him.

According to the director and head of global marketing solutions, Facebook India, Sandeep Bhushan, Srinivas will “lead the mandate to shape the role the Facebook family apps can play in enabling businesses, supporting India’s economic recovery, and building the digital advertising ecosystem of the country”.

In senior sales and marketing roles, Srinivas has 24 years of experience in Ola, Unilever, Reebok and other such companies, prior to Facebook. 

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