(Last Updated On: August 6, 2020)

Businesses will be able to talk to their online customers as Facebook makes it easier by using the Messenger platform. 

The social networking giant showed a large upgrade to its chat plugin tool which allows companies to chat with their customers by using Messenger – even for users that are not Facebook.

An initial version of the chat tool had been launched in November 2017, but until the latest version, users were required to be logged into Facebook to be able to use it.

This free service will be able to make it easier for businesses and their users to communicate, especially during this coronavirus pandemic where e-commerce is on the rise.

Messenger Prodeuct Manager, Jelly Li had written in a blog post about the update saying, “Due to COVID, businesses everywhere have needed to adapt, and for many, that means increasing their online presence.” 

“As a result, people are contacting businesses online more than ever. Chat Plugin is an easy solution for businesses to talk to potential customers by bringing the Messenger experience directly on to their website. With minimal effort, businesses are able to kick off conversations, bring a personal touch to the online shopping experience, and build lasting relationships with customers.”

Reports also say that among other updates, Facebook mightalso be looking into allowing WhatsApp and Messenger users to chat with each other, from within each app.

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