(Last Updated On: March 31, 2021)

Facebook said it was revamping its main user feeds in order to give users better control over what they see on the platform, along with less dependence on algorithms.

The changes will give users control and prioritise the “News Feed” of what users are able to see once they are on the social networking platform.

This lets users see a majority of the posts from their friends and contacts, and allows them to switch off the algorithm completely and also see posts in chronological order if they wanted.

The shift cane after Facebook saw more scrutiny for its role in promoting content and misinformation, including from its algorithms.

This reorganization allows users to switch from the algorithm ranked feed to a chronological post order first. 

“The goal of News Feed is to connect you to what matters most to you: the people in your life, interesting content and the world around you,¨ Facebook said in a blog.

“The personalized ‘world’ of your News Feed is shaped heavily by your choices and actions,” Nick Clegg wrote as he defended the company’s use of algorithms.

“This is the magic of social media, the thing that differentiates it from older forms of media. There is no editor dictating the front page headline millions will read on Facebook. Instead, there are billions of front pages, each personalized to our individual tastes and preferences.”

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