(Last Updated On: April 6, 2021)

Facebook’s top privacy regulator in the EU said it is observing a leak of personal data of over half a billion users of the social media service.

The Irish Data Protection Commission is making an effort to “establish the full facts” and for now it has “received no proactive communication from Facebook.” The regulator said that the tech company made sure that “it is giving the highest priority of providing firm answers” to the authority.

The private information of 533 million Facebook users came back for free on a hacker website. The details that had been hacked included phone numbers and email addresses of the users. According to Facebook, this data is old and had already been reported back in 2019. 

This data mainly comes from a “large-scale scraping” of the social media platform prior to the EU’s strict data protection rules had taken effect, according to the Irish authority.

“A significant number of the users are EU users. Much of the data appears to have been data scraped some time ago from Facebook public profiles,” it said.

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