(Last Updated On: October 9, 2020)

Gmail Go App, Google’s low resource version of the Gmail app, is now available to Android users. The ‘Go’ apps on Android are Gmail Go, Google Go, Gallery Go and Google Maps Go. At first, Go site apps were only available on Android Go powered devices, which were made just for budget smartphones. 

Although, some Go apps like Google Assistant Go and YouTube Go have not yet been opened for all Android devices. However, it looks like there are only some small changes compared to the normal Gmail app. The main changes are beneath the code interface, made to run on low buffer memory.

The logos are the main visible differences. Gmail Go is also not combined with Google Meet. It is also only 9.9MB in size on the Play Store, which is a lot smaller than the regular Gmail app.

Google also said that it is lighter and faster along “with search results optimised to save up to 40 per cent data”. This lightweight app had first come out in 2018. Google launched an Android 11-based version of Android Go, which the company said will provide 20% faster app load times as well as important privacy enhancements, along with many other features.

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