(Last Updated On: January 15, 2020)

A poll at Goldman Sachs showed that recently Microsoft was making big strides into the cloud market at Amazon and mainly at Google’s expense.

100 IT executives were a part of the poll at Goldman Sachs from Global 2000 companies in order to find out which cloud platform was performing in a way where they would be in the best position to move forward. The end result showed that although Amazon’s “AWS still gets the largest share of cloud revenue, ‘a significantly higher number of respondents’ indicated they use Microsoft Azure and plan to in the next three years.” It was also said that “97 respondents said they are currently using Microsoft Azure, compared to 58 using AWS and 25 using Google Cloud Platform.”

This shows that Amazon and Google should be bothered and worried about it. Microsft also recently beat Amazon for the Pentagon contract which was worth $10 billion. Also, Microsoft is the second company to have achieved the desirable Impact Level 6 security clearance – after Amazon – which allows them the ability to use the cloud to store sensitive government data. Having achieved this clearance is a big deal as it will allow them to keep improving the possibility of earning other such huge contracts in the coming future.

Amazon and Google will have to be careful with their market share as Microsft are already being used currently at many companies, and they have an advantage over the other tech giants as because of their well known and trusted software ecosystem.

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