(Last Updated On: October 19, 2020)

Google Chrome’s position in China as the most popular web browser might be under pressure because the usage of VPN fell at the same time. At the moment Chrome has about 30-39% of the Chinese market, which is smaller than other parts of the world, but is still a good look for the company as a majority of the apps by the company have been blocked in China.

The Great Firewall in China stops its people from being able to gain access to tools such as Search, Gmail and the Chrome store. So if users wish to download an extension, they will be required to set up a VPN.

Although, the release of the updated Edge browser by Microsoft might threaten the superiority of Chrome. Users do enjoy the features of the browser but Microsoft’s browser would be available in China without a VPN.

Microsoft Edge also has the advantage of being built through Google’s open-source code Chromium, so it has the same operations of Chrome too. It is very possible that a lot more citizens of China might start shifting through, especially those that do not wish to set up a VPN, which is sometimes halted by the Chinese government as well.

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