(Last Updated On: July 30, 2020)

Google and Samsung are in talks regarding a deal which would give their services more distinction on Samsung phones at the cost of the Korean manufacturer. The deal would entail encouraging the Google Assistant and the Play Store above Samsung’s own substitutes. 

While Samsung’s phone uses Google’s Android operating system, it has frequently tried to construct an ecosystem of its own software that runs over Android, as well as the Bixby voice assistant and the Galaxy app store. Google’s own products are currently accessible on Samsung’s phones, but the company has pushed far into including allocated buttons on its hardware in an effort to form Bixby the most accessible option for customers. 

Google and Samsung have fought over the smartphone maker’s Android customizations before, and Samsung supposedly agreed to subdue some of its TouchWiz adjustments in 2014. The terms of the deal have not been revealed yet but Google does have a multi-billion dollar agreement with Apple in order to be the default search provider in the Safari browser.

Google will also be joining other tech giants as it tries to persuade US lawmakers that it is not taking advantage of its power. The Play Store and Google’s mandatory service package on android phones got a large amount of antitrust scrutiny, and this deal with Samsung might threaten Google’s dispute that the Android platform authorizes strong rivalry.

“Samsung remains committed to our own ecosystem and services. At the same time, Samsung closely works with Google and other partners to offer the best mobile experiences for our users,” a Samsung spokesperson said in a statement. 

A Google spokesperson said, “Like all Android device makers, Samsung is free to create its own app store and digital assistant. That’s one of the great features of the Android platform. And while we regularly talk with partners about ways to improve the user experience, we have no plans to change that.”

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