(Last Updated On: January 14, 2021)

Google announced that it would be adding on new tools to Google Meet which will make it a lot simpler for users who are going through concerns relating to video conferencing to troubleshoot common issues.

As a lot more employees have started to work from home, due to the pandemic, which means a lot more employees have been video conferencing. Although, issues relating to video calls do tend to reduce the productivity for groups that work from home.

So, Google has come up with the new “Troubleshooting and Help” option to Meet’s three-dot menu which is right above the settings.

When the Troubleshooting and Help option has been chosen in Meet in the middle of a video call, the user will be able to view the details relating to the quality of their internet connection and the current load on their system which includes tips on how to improve the user’s video call experience.

Google wrote on the Google Workspace blog post about how Meet tries to deal with users that are overtaxing their systems or have poor work performance in the middle of a video call, elaborating that:

“Meet shares processing power and network connections with all other applications and browser tabs running on a computer. When the system is overusing its processing power or suffering from a bad network connection, Meet will try to adjust and maintain performance while consuming fewer resources. Some of those adjustments are less visible, but if resource shortages are severe or persistent, users may notice blurry video, stuttering audio, or other issues.” 

The Help option for Google Meet’s Troubleshooting is accessible automatically for all users and the new feature has already started to come out.

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