Google concludes $2.6 billion takeover of Looker Data Sciences after receiving UK authorisation

(Last Updated On: February 14, 2020)

On 13th February, Alphbet Inc-owned Google had privately finalised its $2.6 billion takeovers of Looker Data, a big-data analytics company after it received authorization from UK’s rival watchdog. 

This deal had been announced by Google in June and it was the first big takeover for the company’s new cloud business Chief Executive Officer Thomas Kurian. The main focus of this deal is to continue to increase the success of Google Cloud’s BigQuery, a tool used for managing bigger datasets.

Looker Data’s new tool allows analysts and other workers to explain what their calculations for items like revenue or high-value customers and can then envision trends in their data without having to write intricate scripts. Tableau Software Inc, Domo Inc and Microsoft’s Power BI are some of the company’s rivals.

The Competition and Markets Authority does not believe that this tool coming into the market would affect the quality of services or even rivalry in the market for data analytics and software.

The authority also said that it was improbable for prices to shift up or down or even for quality to vary as it is not really competition for firms that use business intelligence tools as they have a lot of options from other suppliers such as Microsoft, Oracle, Tableau, SAP and IBM.

When it comes to revenue from leasing infrastructure and other tools to business, Google Cloud computing comes behind Inc and Microsoft Corp globally.

CMA said, “Although Google had the ability to make it difficult for rivals to access the Google-generated data they need from online advertising and web analytics services, there was no strong evidence they would have the incentive to do this.”

In a statement Kurian making the announcement of the completed acquisition, Kurian said, “We believe we will be uniquely positioned to address the data analytics and business intelligence demands of even more enterprises globally, across all industries.”

The US Department of Justice and the Austrian Federal Competition Authority have also cleared the acquisition.

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