(Last Updated On: August 4, 2020)

Due to the coronavirus pandemic, a lot more people have been working from home which has led to a huge demand in video conferencing software being used in order to stay in touch while maintaining a safe distance.

Zoom in at the top of the video conferencing game with Microsoft, Google and other software companies trying to catch up by competitively pushing their services so much more than before the pandemic. 

The video conferencing market has not shown the slightest sign of slowing down with end-user spending estimated to rise by 24.3 per cent to attain $4.1 billion this year.

Recently, Google has started sending links to its Google Meet service users that send out Zoom invites through Gmail.

One user had sent a Zoom invitation over Gmail using the Windows 10 Mail client when they found that Google had altered their email in transit order to add a Google Meet link with the invitation. Only people who have received the Zoom invitation will receive the Meet link as well.

The email also shows the Zoom link in the ‘where’ section and the ‘Join with Google Meet’ link are found in the ‘joining info’ section.

It is possible that this might have been an error from Google’s side but if this move was done on purpose, it may come under some more scrutiny from regulators and will be another thing to add to the antitrust regulation the company will come under.

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