Google goes after AWS and Microsoft users as it developed a free migration service to entice the shift

(Last Updated On: February 13, 2020)

Google has developed a new service that will shift Windows server 2008 workloads into its cloud and upgrades them to the Windows Server 2012, which will give Microsoft, AWS and other such channels something to think hard about.

Windows Server 2008 ended on 14th January this year. For a certain price, Microsoft will proceed to support the OS. Still, some users continue to take the risk and still use the OS that is unsupported and vulnerable. Google is aiming their new service at those customers in order to Migrate for Compute Engine products.

In a blog post, Google explained that the new feature means that the migration into Googe cloud means “Everything you had running on the original system will persist, but when the migration is done it’ll be running the new OS, Windows Server 2012. You can do this with your physical and virtual servers from on-prem, and also with VMs currently running in AWS or Azure.”

Google advises that that new feature should be tested, validation, and a parallel migration effort for data that VMs are required to do functional work.

This offer is brave, not just because it is free and also arrives at the market opposed to Microsoft’s offer to free extended support for Windows server 2008 workloads shifted to Azure.

Large cloud companies have been offering migration tools for a long time, both for on-prem uplift into clouds and also for cloud-to-cloud migration. Although it is not known how customers react once it is bought, there is talk that many organisations are incorporating cloud migration projects into their upcoming 2020 plans. 

In order to help companies with OS migration, Google could just entice more of their attention.

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