(Last Updated On: November 18, 2020)

Google is revealing two settings to control data within Gmail, Meet and Chat which can be used to provide ‘smart’ features in these and other Google products. 

The first setting lets users enable and disable if they would prefer for Google to use their Gmail, Chat and Meet data to provide smart features. Smart features contain email categorisation, Smart Compose, Calendar event creation, and Smart Reply in Gmail.

The other setting is the consent to use users’ data from Chat, Meet and Gmail in order to customise services such as Assistant, Maps, Google Pay and Travel. The company said, “Enabling the personalisation setting will get users most out of their products such as Bill reminders in Google Assistant and Restaurant reservations in Maps, Travel bundling and itineraries, Google Pay loyalty cards and tickets.”

If these settings have been disabled, it will restrict the capabilities of the Google products, the company said. 

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