(Last Updated On: February 16, 2021)

Google Meet announced a change in how it will be managing network traffic, which will make it simpler for administrators to configure their firewall in order to enable authorized traffic while also blocking distrustful network. The update will also make sure that non-Google Workspace users will get the same shielding as Workspace users.

Google had released a variety of IP addresses for Google Meet in Workspace domain at the start of 2019, which lets users find video conferencing traffic with a lot more ease. Google will also be bringing out a range of official, fixed IP addresses for non-Google Workspace users, who are people that join calls using their personal Google account or even anonymously.

“This will allow Google Workspace customers and their partners to better configure and optimize network and firewall access. It will help non-Google Workspace domains and organizations with users who aren’t signed into Google Accounts to identify video conference traffic,” an update from Google Workspace said.

Google has also confirmed the release of the new IP ranges so that means Meet will stop using the older IP address from March 1st onwards. Customers have been advised to add the new IP addresses into their current firewall and network configuration.

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