(Last Updated On: December 4, 2020)

Google had released the Google News Showcase in October which was a part of the $1 billion investment in order to play a part in the complete sustainability of its news partners all over the world.

New updates have been announced to the News Showcase, which will make the product a lot more useful for users and publishers.

Soon, Google will start providing users with access to paywalled content in partnership with a certain number of publishers as paywalls are an important part of some publishers; revenue strategies. The company will be paying the partners that wish to participate in order to offer limited access to paywalled content for News Showcase users and in return, users will be able to register with the news publisher in order to offer a way for publishers to develop relationships with their consumers.

For the ease of users, Google will also be releasing a new type of News Showcase panel which will contain a list of all the necessary articles from their top news organisations. They will also be releasing national and local publications for users in their For You feed and in a specific area to be found in new News Showcase publications in Google News on Newsstand.

The number of global publications that have signed up since the News Showcase has been released has doubled.

Now there are around 400 publications in countries like Germany, Brazil, Argentina, Canada, France, the UK and Australia and Google which are talking to other countries about adding them on to the News Showcase too. Le Monde, Courrier International in France and La Gaceta in Argentina are just some of the publications that have newly been added.

At the moment, News Showcase is accessible only in Germany and Brazil but the company has plans of releasing the product in countries such as India, Belgium and the Netherlands as well.

News Showcase has also broadened to Google News on iOS and will soon be on Google News and Discover as well. News Showcase metrics will soon be on the Search Console and publishers will be capable of receiving more data to help them know which articles and topics to cater to their users.

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