(Last Updated On: October 23, 2020)

Google will soon be shutting down Play Music. The company has let its users know and the process of ending the service started in September. It had first started in New Zealand and South Africa, and this month onwards all other global markets went through the process as well. All support for Play Music will be stopped this December.

On Android, iOS and the inline version, the Google Play Music app is no longer accessible. The move came as Google confirmed that YouTube Music will be taking over its spot.

Users will not be able to stream from the app this month onwards, according to Google. Towards the end of August, the buying, pre-ordering, uploading and downloading from Play Music had ended.

Buffer time is still usable by users up until December, in order to shift all of their content such as playlists, uploads, purchase and likes into YouTube Music. Once they have gone past this deadline, the libraries on the app will not be accessible anymore. Users will be notified with a reminder prior to shutting down.

A transfer tool is available for Google Play Music users to conduct the transfer, which is available on the YouTube Music app. Google Takeout can also be used for this. This tool to transfer files had been released by Google, this May.

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