(Last Updated On: January 18, 2021)

Google says that antitrust claims in a Texas lawsuit had been deceptive, as state attorneys general have plans of filing lawsuits against its parent company, Alphabet.

Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton had filed a complaint regarding the company’s advertising technology business, which is one among many other lawsuits claiming that Google had been misusing its monopoly of the internet search business or had breached the antitrust law.

Adam Cohen, Google’s Economic Policy Director wrote in a blog post that they did want to set things right and disregard the claims regarding its open bidding proceeding for advertising.

“AG Paxton tries to paint Google’s involvement in this industry as nefarious. The opposite is true. Unlike some B2B companies in this space, a consumer internet company like Google has an incentive to maintain a positive user experience and a sustainable internet that works for all-consumers, advertisers and publishers,” Cohen had written.

The post fights that Google’s rates are fair, the marketplace is accessible and also that it does not play favourites for any single parter, for example, Facebook.

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