(Last Updated On: September 5, 2019)

Google, a US-based tech company has been limiting its presence in China. The company is set to cut ties with China along with the US-China trade wars.

Google is currently looking into partnering with Vietnam to move the production of its Pixel phones from China.

As the US-China trade wars don’t seem to come to a close, the tech giant is considering moving certain facilities outside of China, which would also lower labour costs and the rise in tariffs.

Reports say that Google is not just considering moving Pixel’s productions to Vietnam but also its smart speakers. But for now, the focus is on moving Google Pixel out of China. “By diversifying its production into Vietnam, Google hopes to ensure sustainable production of the Pixel range, a showcase for its Android operating system.” The reports say.

This isn’t Google’s first move out of China. The company has reportedly been working on moving Nest and server hardware production, earlier this year, for devices bound for the US to Taiwan and Malaysia, also to avoid rising tariffs due to the US / China trade war.

Google is currently looking into launching their new Google Pixel 4, which will be announced on the first week of October with the camera being the highlight of the phone as it is the first Google phone to have a dual-camera setup, according to rumours.

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