(Last Updated On: December 30, 2020)

Google will be making things a little easier for Android users by bringing on unit conversions in the smartphone OS’ smart text selection tool. So if users choose a part of the measurement in a text, the tool will then immediately choose the complete measurement with the numbers as well as the unit and a button will also appear in order to convert it. Users will only have to choose which measurement they wish to convert it to.

This feature is currently in its beta stage and has yet to be released to the public. Google’s issue tracker says that the new tool can only be used on an Android 9 and later on it will be available on OS versions as well. Android’s smart text selection now also includes a currency conversion.

The Android Police website says that this feature is a lot quicker than the manual copy and paste users will have to do on the Google app in order to convert previously. The feature is available on units such as volume, currency and length.

The date of the public release has yet to be mentioned but the report says that it has been in the testing process since July, a year ago.

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