(Last Updated On: October 16, 2020)

Google will be changing and updating Chats and Hangouts. This is a move to replace Google Hangouts with Chat. This will have an effect on Google Workplace (G Suite), and free users as well.

Google Chat is an exclusive feature for customers of G Suite which will soon become free for the public. At the moment, users that are not a part of G Suite do have access to Hangouts. A few of these features are send to Inbox, faster search, emoji reactions and suggested replies. It is also a lot easier to share and collaborate on files, and also allocates tasks to team members.

This will start next year in 2021. All services such as Hangout conversations, contact and saved history will also be transitioned to Chat from Hangout.

The call phones feature will also be taken out from Hangouts in the EU and US because of new telecommunication regulations in these areas. Users will be notified regarding this change, including receiving refunds, starting this month. It will be completely removed by next year.

Fi support will also be removed and will shift the call and SMS experience for Fi users to its Messages app. The support for Google Voice will also be taken out. Google is trying to quicken the procedure for admins to shift all users to Chat in Google Workspace.

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