(Last Updated On: March 25, 2021)

In the past few years, apps such as Gmail and Drive that come from Google have had many updates since its first few versions, and have added many good features and bettered the interface and general user experience.  

Although Drive and Gmail have properly-designed user interfaces, Google will be adding more “search operators” to the Drive, in order to help users find their files quicker.

In a blog post, the company said that it will be improving current search operators on its file storage service, along with some newer ones. Users will be able to perform searches but the operators used for them could change.

Users have most likely used search operators before, such as in Gmail when looking for looking via ‘from’: that finds all emails from a specific ID or domain. Drive will provide the sale feature, letting users look for documents that had been sent from specific users or even find files based on who the first uploader of those files was.

The ‘from’ operator has been redone so that files shared by that email address can be seen, rather than files owned by that email. The ‘to’ operator will now show files shared from certain email addresses rather than files that the receiver can see, edit or comment on.

Users who still wish to see files that have been owned by a certain user (which has been taken out from the ‘from’ operator) can type in ‘owner’ to find all the related files. 

Another new operator that will be added is ‘sharedwith’ which will allow users to find files that are owned by a particular email address or which allows them the permission to view, comment or edit.

“We know how important it is to be able to easily find files shared with others while collaborating in Google Workspace. Our user research suggests that this is actually one of the most memorable aspects to use when finding a file,” On the blog, Google said it will start pushing out the feature within the next few weeks.

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