(Last Updated On: March 24, 2020)

Messages have randomly been disappearing for users of Google’s default ‘Messages’ app, on Android. Many users have complained about the issue which has occurred on many different Android phones as well as the Pixel series.

Android Authority announced that the bug has been reported by users on Google’s community forum. Other problems among the messages disappearing include glitches in texts, incorrect labelling of messages. There were also a few instances where the Messages app had crashed all together before it deleted the messages.

The bug started in January last year. These issues and complaints had been going throughout the year. This problem arose again, earlier this month. Google Pixel 3, Moto G7+, and Huawei P20 Lite are some of the phones that have been affected by the bug. Moto G7 users had made the most number of reports.

On the forum, one user said “Exact same problem on my Pixel 3. Started getting messages that were labelled as from the wrong sender. I even got one from my son that said it came from the government alert number. Then all of my past texts disappeared. Only texts from yesterday remain. I tried deleting data, safe mode, uninstalling updates, resetting cellular settings, checked the sim card, and nothing has worked.”

“Phone was Moto g5+ Texts came from the wrong contact and then 2hrs later all text history was gone,” another user had written.

Users have been asked to report their issues on the Messages’ app feedback section. Google is yet to fix issues with the bug, despite the complaints. For now, users can either try to factory reset their phones or switch to a different app for their messages, as a default.

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