Hewlett Packard Enterprise warns that a few SAS solid-state drives would fail after 40,000 hours of operation

(Last Updated On: March 25, 2020)

Hewlett Packard Enterprise has put out a warning that some of its SAS solid-state drives would fail after 40,000 hours of operations and is advising customers to upgrade the firmware. 

40,000 hours of operations are equal to 4 years, 206 day and 16 hours.

Because the SSDs are produced by an OEM, HPE advises that the issue could possibly have an effect on other vendors and customers.

A similar incident had occurred in November 2019, where the non-success had happened 32,768 hours after the operation, which is not related to the current issue.

The support bulletin read, “This HPD7 firmware is considered a critical fix and is required to address the issue. HPE strongly recommends immediate application of this critical fix.”

“Neglecting to update to SSD Firmware Version HPD7 will result in drive failure and data loss at 40,000 hours of operation and require restoration of data from backup if there is no fault tolerance.”

A lot of HPE server and storage products had used the SSD models that were affected, such as HPE ProLiant, Synergy, Apollo 4200, Synergy Storage Modules, D3000 Storage Enclosure, StoreEasy 1000 Storage.

The platforms that had not been affected are, 3PAR StoreServ Storage, D6000/D8000 Disk Enclosures, ConvergedSystem 300/500, MSA Storage, Nimble Storage, Primera Storage, SimpliVity, StoreOnce, StoreVirtual 4000/3200 Storage, StoreEasy 3000 Storage, XP Storage, and SAP HANA.

An update on firmware is now available in the HPE support bulletin, to be downloaded.

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