(Last Updated On: December 4, 2020)

Hostopia Australia, the cloud services and hosting provider has signed on for a long term deal with Equinix, the global colocation player.

Hostopia will combine the current footprint of five separate data centres throughout Sydney and Melbourne into Equinix’s SY5 and ME2 International Business Exchange (IBX) data centres.

Hostopia said the deployment will let it push through the constraints it has with current data centres spread throughout various locations and better the service delivery and connectivity for its customers.

Ross Krumbeck, the Hostopia chief technology said, “This collaboration with Equinix will enable us to consolidate and reduce the number of disparate providers we were working with,” 

“Beyond a simple data centre agreement, this collaboration will allow our customers to benefit from best of breed data centre facilities with high security and compliance standards, robust power and cooling redundancy as well as abundant connectivity options.”

Hostopia’s Anchor will also be allowed to organise cloud service to offer a better tailored data centre solution, as well as do co-selling and build side-by-side services on Platform Equinix.

A new Anchor service had also been released where customers were allowed to develop personalised private and hybrid cloud environments in VMWare.

“Businesses across Australia are increasingly turning to hybrid cloud architectures as part of their digital transformation journeys,” Guy Danskine, the Equinix Australia managing director said.

“By deploying on Platform Equinix, Hostopia will give its customers access to our robust cloud ecosystem and benefit from improved service delivery and connectivity.”

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