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(Last Updated On: August 12, 2018)

As an organization you need to plan for business continuity or disaster recovery to meet the business requirements. It could be compliance requirement as well and you would need to perform disaster recovery drill to meet the compliance requirement.

Azure Site recovery helps to achieve the disaster recovery requirements to ensure business continuity during planned and unplanned outage. In this article, we will discuss how to replicate an Azure VM to another region for disaster recovery purpose.


How to enable replication for Azure VM to another region: 

  • Create Azure Recovery Services Vault

Azure recovery services vault stores the backup and recovery points we create. Under services, Navigate to Recovery Service Vaults

Click at Add to create a new Recovery Services Vault.




  • Prepare Site Recovery

Navigate to site recovery under Recovery vault

Click at Replicate application under “For On-Premises machines and Azure VMs”

Configure Source location and Source Resource group and hit Ok.


Select Virtual Machines that you want to replicate to another region



Now we need to select Target region and create target resources. We can create these resources manually or let Azure Site recovery mirror the source site configuration to target site by creating/using the required resource groups, storage accounts, virtual network and availability. Depending upon your organization RPO, you should customize the replication policy.


Now we are good to enable the replication.





Monitor Site Recovery Jobs: 


Depending upon the VM size and number of VMs, Site recovery jobs will take some time to enable the replication successfully. You can monitor the site recovery jobs as well.


Navigate to Site Recovery Jobs Under Monitoring and Reports for it.



Once the replication has been enabled successfully, it will start synchronizing VM to storage accounts setup while configuring replication.



Once the replication has been completed successfully, it will be protected by Azure Site recovery vault.





Perform Failover:

Its recommended to initiate test failover before you actually initiates the failover. To failover multiple VMs at a time, you should create failover plan. In this example we will failover Single azure VM from East Asia region to South East Asia region.




You can monitor the failover job status under Monitoring and reports.



Once the failover has been completed, you will find the replicated VM created in another region.



In the next article we will discuss about Azure Backup and Site replication on-prem VM to Azure.

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3 comments, 5 shares, -1 points
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