(Last Updated On: September 11, 2020)

Huawei announces a series of layoffs in the UK as it has no choice but to change its corporate strategy as it goes through more and more bans and restrictions.

The company will be pulling sales from all of its Enterprise hardware lines, as well as all servers, storage and networking switches from the UK.

This shows that there will be a huge amount of layoffs in the hardware division in the UK, as Huawei continues to face many issues, regardless of promising to stay in the country.

A Huawei spokesperson told The Register, “Our Enterprise Business is to focus its operations in the UK to deliver fewer products in a better way. Unfortunately, this means a number of roles are no longer required, however, we hope to reposition colleagues who are affected elsewhere within the businesses.

“Ultimately, the business has done a review and decided to focus on a number of product lines,” they added, saying that Huawei would, “continue to provide full service and maintenance to existing customers for the life-cycle of our products.”

Initially, it was said that around 20-50 roles would be affected in the Enterprise team, and the European arm of the Enterprise division will supposedly not be affected.

Amid pressures from the US, the UK had pledged to take out the Huawei kit from the mobile networks. The Chinese company has been on the ‘non-entity’ list in the US since last year, which stops US companies from continuing to be business with Huawei without a special licence. 

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